Adoption Policy

The following policies are in effect to insure that our dogs will be adopted by families that will give them a great and happy home.

The adoption fee for all of our boxers is $350 unless noted otherwise. Adoptions fees for our English Bulldogs range from $600 to $750 unless noted otherwise. We only accept cash due to security reasons. Please note that we are a nonprofit organization. All fees go straight back to our dogs for veterinary care, food, supplies, and anything else that is needed for our dogs. With this fee, the new owner will also get an adoption package. Contents of the package varies from time to time. 

Approved applicants must be able to meet fosters and/or our director at a predetermined location in the Knoxville area.

All dogs will be up to date in veterinary care upon adoption. This includes spaying and neutering. If the dog is adopted before being spayed or neutered, the adopter will sign a contract to have this done at a veterinary hospital that we have an account with. The rescue will pay for this charge if done at one of our hospitals. If this procedure is not completed, the adopter will lose all rights to the dog and will have to return it to East Tennessee Boxer Rescue. 

All dogs and cats in the applicant’s care must be spayed or neutered, up to date with vaccinations, and on preventative to be able to be approved. This is a common policy among many rescues. This will be confirmed by your veterinarian reference. At times there are certain exceptions to this rule and they will be case by case basis. The resulting decision is by discretion of ETNBR.

We prefer that applicants have a fenced in yard, but this is a case by case basis depending on how close to major roadways you live and the personality of the dogs we have available.

We require a home inspection tour. These videos can be recorded in small clips to assist in delivery.  Include where the pet will eat, sleep, play and spend the majority of its day.  Also, show your front and back yard and any outside area your pet will frequent.  Please also include your house number for our records. You may also include family members and other pets.

We require that our dogs are keep primarily indoors. Boxers are very people oriented and do best as indoor animals. They are at high risk in warm temperatures for heat strokes and do not do well in cold temperatures due to having a single layered coat. Most dogs have 2 layers to their coats that help to keep them warm and cool them down.

An adopter does not have the right to give away, sell, or abandon a dog from ETNBR. The dog is required to be returned to us if any of the following is being considered.

ETNBR has full authority on whether to approve or deny an application.

This policy is subject to change at any time at the discretion of ETNBR. If you have any questions please email us at




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